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Startup Office

For those who seek great place for startups

Startup Office

We're here to provide you with a clean office rooms. This room is suitable for developing startups, daily works, meeting with clients, and also build a small to mid size company.

The Facilities for these rooms are Electricity, Hi-Speed Internet, six day access, and also Air Conditioner for better work condition.

Office Facilities

Monday to Saturday

08.00 AM to 08.00 PM (05.00 PM on Saturday)

4 Office Room Available (3 - 4*5m rooms ; 1 6*7m room)

Suitable for 4 - 10 person (4*5m room) or 8-15 person (6*7m room)

Internet Access

Electrical Connection

Private Locker

Private Room Key

Free Access Meeting Room (as long as it's not used)

Free Parking